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Selamat Datang di Lawe Indonesia

Sisterhood of Lawe

Lawe Inovates “Sisterhood Of Lawe” to broaden the network. Sister of lawe is a network of friends who share same passion with LAWE to transforming their local handwoven into uniquely functional product.

LAWE supports the product development , productions . promo tools design , technical assistance and market link.

Contact Us

+62 274 558517

How to Buy

Please contact us via Phone at +62 274 55851717 on your mobile device.


How To Join

  1. Have strong passion to conserve and develop traditional weaving
  2. Have specific traditional weaving to developed
  3. Have a design idea to developed with Lawe , or even have your own fix design
  4. Have to do the production process in Lawe
  5. Your promo tools will be written as sisterhood of Lawe

Sisterhood Advantage


Our professional team handle your product with care and export quality


Lawe help to develop your design idea


Soon Lawe will help your selling through online marketing


You are part of Lawe’s Movement (Conserving tradition, Empowering woman)