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Selamat Datang di Lawe Indonesia

About Us

Lawe is a community social enterprise that transform traditional handwoven into functional product through women empowerment.The business offer opportunities for Indonesia women to develop their potential. The idea of creating a product is more focused on ‘what can make the craftsmen work’, not solely in favor of market needs, a process of bridging between the craftsmen to market. In Lawe, we build people. Our businesses and products is a means to allow improved livelihoods for those involved.

Lawe produces handicraft with traditional woven as the basis material. The providence of base material is done through collaboration with the weavers, in outright system. The woven is then being processed during production into ready-to-use products. Design products are done by adjusting artisans’ capacity and ability. Since human capital is our competitive advantage, in every step of activities, discussion is conducted. By the time product design has been formed, the next step is to communicate that to the artisans, to find out whether they can produce the design or not. If they feel they are able and capable, then the design is ready to be produced. If the artisans find difficulty, then Lawe will simplify the design, adjusting to the artisans’ capability without eliminating the hallmarks of each product. The artisans who are mostly housewives will carry the productions in their own houses. Lawe will collect the product once it is finished and conduct quality control. If the product passes, then it will be ready to be marketed.